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The Trivia Spot

Put the "FUN" in "Trivia!"

Show off your virtual hosting skills and host your own trivia game! Trivia Masters can create a fun environment for a evening with your friends during quarantine, or even for virtual learning for corporate teams and educators. Trivia Spot can make whatever the occasion is more fun and exciting!

How does it work?

Games consist of 4 rounds. Each round has 4 questions. You can bid 2, 4, or 6 per question, each bid can only be used once per round. Get the question right, you get the points, get it wrong, you get 0 points. Each round has a bonus question worth up to 8 points.
There is a final question at the end of the game where you can bid between 1 and 20 points. Get this one right, you win the points, get this one wrong, you lose the points, so bid effectively!

Mobile Friendly

Play the game from your phone while you use your computer for the video conference!
In Game Chat
Chat with your teammates about answers!
Join the Fun!
Use the game code on the homepage or in the url for yur browser!
Create Your team
Get creative with your team name and give the password to your teammates!
Host the game
right from your phone! the admin panel is also mobile friendly!
Game Control
is also mobile firendly! Chat with teams and change captains. Change scores if needed too!
Pass out the points
Easy to use point assignment system!
Quiz Mode!
Let people play on their own time and grade their answers later!

Admin Panel Gives You The Power!

Game Features


  • Create your own questions

    Create 17 questions to challenge your players. Have a hard time creating questions? Pick from our question bank! choose which categories you would like to use, then adjust and rearrange questions as you like!

  • Run a test game

    Get used to using the admin panel! Run a test game so you can see how to award points and dig into the game control center. Helpful tips on the screen will help guide you through the game.

  • Game Control Center

    You can change team scores, chat with teams, and reassign captain if you need to! This control gives you the chance to see whats going on

  • Quiz Mode!

    Don't have time to host the game? Send out a link to the Quiz version of the game, and let participants fill it out when they are ready, and grade the answers after to see who won! (Preimium, Lifetime and Partner memberships only)


  • You're the Captain Now!

    Create your team! Get creative with the name, and give out the team password to your teammates. Captins are the only ones who can submit an answer to a question.

  • Point Wager

    Wager 2, 4, or 6 per question per round. You can only use each wager once per round. The final question you can wager up to 20 points but you lose the points if you get it wrong so beware!

  • Chat with your teammates

    The in-game chat allows you to confer with your teammates about the answer and wager, or just chit chat while you are waiting on that one team in every game that takes forever to submit the wrong answer.

  • Play on your phone!

    The Trivia Spot is optimized for mobile devices! Play from your phone while your computer is tied up with the video conference.

Who is using The Trivia Spot?


Group used to going out to a bar and playing? No worries we got you! Jump on a video conference and still have fun! One person hosts while the rest can get into teams and compete!


A fun and interactive way to have your kids learn! Create quizes for history class, science class, and more. Students will learn more effectively.


Tired of the same old boring corporate team events? Jazz it up with a trvia game! Happy hours will never be the same as the finance team takes on the revenue team in a battle of the wits!

Easy to use Game Design!

Create your own custom game or let us create a game for you from our question bank! Make multiple choice or text answer style questions. Have fun coming up with your own category names. Make a final question extra hard for your participants!

Easily re-arrange the questions in the game to your liking!

Dont Take Our Word For It

"We used The Trivia Spot for a team virtual happy hour. Everyone enjoyed it and can't wait till the next game! Great way to engage as a team."


"The Trivia Spot has really boosted our Happy hours at work! Now we have an intereactive and fun way to get together while we are all remote."


"I was able to use trivia spot as a fun way to engage my students to learn new material! They love it!."



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